more blog challenge prompts

oops, gotta catch back up with this months blog challenge – here are august 11,10,9 all together….

Blog challenge day nine of August – A regret –

Just to let you know, it took me years to discover this one, or to admit to it anyway – but I truly regret not going to college straight after high school! Really, this would have been something very useful, not to mention dorm life may have done
some teaching as well!

x Bridgett

Blog challenge day ten of August – Opening lines from 5 favorite books –

Are you sure you’re ready for this one? I may bore you, or I could very well make your mouth drop at my choices, considering they are so
very different than my choices in music 😛

1. “Devotion can be lethal.” ha ha ha – sorry, just had to add that one because it’s my own book!! “Lethal Devotion by Bridgett Trejo” available on amazon!

2. “I am dying. Or rather, about to die – there is a slight (though unconsoling) difference. It is this: the dying can no longer write letters, whereas those about to die
can and sometimes do.” The Autobiography of Henry VIII:with notes by His Fool, Will Somers by Margaret George.

3. “In the deepest part of the night, when all the candles save one had been put out and everyone lay quiet, the
woman crossed silently to her desk and sat down. She put that one candle at her right hand, and spread out a piece of paper as slowly as possible across the desktop,
so as to make no noise.” Mary Queen of Scots by Margaret George.

4. “I tell you, it is her!” “That such a strumpet would have the courage to return …. it is scandalous!” It had been years since Bess had been at court, and even longer since
she had walked this vast carpet-lined gallery leading to the King’s privy apartments.” The Queen’s Rival: In the court of Henry VIII by Diane Haeger.

5. “When I stepped out into the bright sunlight from the darkness of the movie house, I had only two things on my mind; Paul Newman and a ride home.” The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton 😀 (bet you didn’t see that one coming!)

x Bridgett

Blog challenge day eleven of August – Earliest Memory –

Now we are stretching back into my memory bank here! I better write this down before I am too old to remember it 😀

Nothing special, nothing great, just me at a very early age on my knees at the coffee table coloring a picture for my babysitter. She was really pretty, and a teenager.
I remember the steps beind me as well. When I bring back this memory to my mom, she says I was only two and it was our apartment that I was remembering. She couldn’t believe
that I could remember that far back. I had blondish red hair & it was tied into two pig tails at the sides. 😀

x Bridgett


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