Most embarrassing moment


Blog challenge day four of August – An embarrassing moment –

Ha! I have to tell it just because of the innocence of the age. I was nine years old, going potty at grandpa’s house.
I forgot to lock the door, and my little cousin Bryan came running through door just in time to see that I didn’t have
the same body parts as him. 😀

x Bridgett


A Treasured Memory –




For the blog challenge – day three – a treasured memory

This one really made me think back. I do have several, but this one stood out in my mind today, so I wanted to share it 🙂

My hometown had two high schools. One side of town had a high school that was full of country kids, and the other side of town had a high school full of those we called city kids, but the place I grew up – was far from being a CITY! lol

Each year, there would be a football game that would be one school against the other, and EVERYONE went to this & stadium seats filled up with those cheering on both sides. Some of us would even paint our faces like we were going to an NFL game. ha ha. 

Well, when I was 17 I was on my way to one of these games, and my best friend Renee, her boyfriend, and my own boyfriend were together standing outside the stadium, waiting to get in. My boyfriend drops down on one knee and asked me to marry him in front of everyone in line waiting! I felt like the most special girl in the world. Although we never married – I do believe we had the right thing, at the wrong time. We still talk. Who knows what tomorrow will bring? And it was a really pretty ring! I loved it, and him! 😀

x Bridgett

5 things about me most don’t know


For the second day of the August blog challenge – the challenge was to write five things about yourself that most people don’t know.

No making fun now!

1. I was first engaged to be married when I was 17. (nope we didn’t marry!)

2. Yellow is my favorite color – it’s bright and cheery and all mine! ha ha ha ha!

3. I can paint! That’s right! I have an art journal, and I love painting in it – all kinds of whimsical things, my oldest daughter has this gift as well!

4. The Raven is my animal totem. 🙂

5. I am a Christian Witch! That’s right, I said it out loud – coming out of the broom closet & smiling about it. 😀

6. I know I said five, but one more won’t hurt – I am a HUGE fan of Henry VIII.

x Bridgett


My Story –


So I was challenged this month by some other bloggers out there to blog once a day, for everyday of August. It looks like I got the challenge a little too late, but I am choosing to follow along with it anyway. Some of the topics are not about Tarot, but me – hope you don’t mind!


My first challenge was to write about my life, in 250 words. So here goes:

I was born in a small town in New York, a town that was small enough to miss if you blinked your eyes while passing through it. If you can close your eyes and picture small town America, with a street lined of mom and pop stores and bars on every other block – you pretty much have the image of my town. Folks there are conservative and not to fond of change.

Me on the other hand, I grew up having a birthday in the month of October, a month that all witches celebrate their New Years. Being a cutsie girl with the charms of both sexes, a Libra; an air sign – I had visions of black cats and tarot cards dancing through my head. My hometown didn’t think much of me being as liberal as I am.

In a nutshell, I found the man I thought to be the one I should marry and happily parted ways with that small town, and can honestly say, hardly ever look back at it.

It took twelve years for my marriage to dissolve into nothing, but not before I learned more about the world we live in, had two beautiful daughters (one also born in October), lived in many different towns across America being a wife of a soldier, two years of college and on going studies of many other things that are of great interest to me, I now reside in another small town, but in the VERY UPSTATE of New York.

Although it will probably not suit my likes for the rest of my life, it is here that I am raising my children. They are now ages (soon to be 14) 13 and 11. I am schooling again for Medical Transciption in hopes to gain employment from home in the near future, and I do Tarot card readings on the side.

In the last two years, I have homeschooled my children helping them catch up their studies, and I have written a book, “Lethal Devotion” created two Lenormand decks – “Renaissance & Apprentice decks,” and now that my children are on their way back to public school this coming fall, I will be continuing on with my liberal little self, and finding other ways to amuse myself – some of which will involve the everyday American single, working mom routine, all while planning big dreams to retire in a cozy part of England someday.

x Bridgett – here ending at 409 words! oops.

Journals for card readers :0)


Hi all,

I have made some wonderful card reader journals that you can purchase at the following links. They will also be available for purchase on website within the next week or so.

Tired of writing your daily draw in a notebook only to misplace it when you need it? These journals are big enough to write down all of your thoughts, and they fold flat nicely like a spelling book in school.

One journal is for three card readings, (Tarot or any Oracle Card Readings) and has a place for the date, client, cards drawn, notes, and reflections. You can keep 90 three card readings in it!

Second journal has a Grand Tableau 9×4,(Lenormand Card Readings) which you can write the card number into the correct house, date, client, notes, and reflections. You can keep 60 GT’s in it!

Third journal has a Grand Tableau 8×4+4,(Lenormand Card Readings) which you can write the card number into the correct house, date, client, notes and reflections. You can keep 60 GT’s in it!

I absolutely LOVE these journals. I use the three card journal for Tarot drawings daily, and the others for just my Lenormand GT’s.

I got tired of trying to find the perfect journal for my needs, so I made some. I do hope that you find them of great use and get one for yourself. :0) I am a single mom out of work, and you would be doing a greater service than you know.

x Bridgett

Lenormand Journal 9×4 GT –

Lenormand Journal 8×4+4 –

Oracle Card Journal – 3 card readings –

(The pics have cards on the pages just for the picture – the pages do not have these printed on them – pages are blank for lots of writing!! This was just to show you the size of the journal )



Timing in Tarot & Lenormand




Tarot Timing Vs. Lenormand Timing

Nearly twenty years ago, I was a young girl picking out my very first Tarot deck. (stop thinking about how old I am now !! hehe) It was an exciting process for me. There are SO many decks available and my choices were endless.

Once I picked out my cards, I was well on my way to learning them. I was fortunate enough to be a third generation psychic, and the card meanings came to me intuitively. Even though I bought every Tarot book available to me to learn the cards, in the end, I went with what my belly told me, as far as the meanings of my readings.

One thing that truly puzzles a young girl with a new Tarot deck is how to tell time with the cards. I have done MANY readings through the years, and a client ALWAYS wants to know timing. They don’t come to you without wanting to predict what is ahead of them. Therefore timing is something that each card reader wants to learn straight away. But it is not as easy as one might think.

I am a reader of many decks, but my two main decks are Tarot & Lenormand. Each has it’s own way of telling you times. These are the differences, and this is how I have developed the use of timing in a spread. I hope that it proves helpful to you. It may not be how someone else does it, but this is how I do it, for those anxious and anticipating the useful technique.

Each Tarot suit represents an element. There are wands, swords, cups and coins.

Wands are made of wood mostly, and when one thinks about being in a forest full of wood, one of the first things taught to you as a child is to “Prevent Forest Fires!!” Remember “Smokey the bear?” If one doesn’t put out their camp fire good enough, and walk away, the whole forest can catch on fire! Therefore when I think of Wands, I think of fire, and fire spreads quickly. Wands to me represent days, or summer – the season for camping fun and smores. 🙂

When I think of Swords, I think of swinging them in little battles with my friends as a child. If one got too close to me with their play swords, I could feel the wind on my face! I always knew to back away quickly. Wind happens fast too, but wind is the element that makes fire take off even faster. So wind is not as fast as fire. I use Swords to represent weeks, or Spring. Spring is when pollen flies through the air and brings new flowers where they land. 🙂

Cups in Tarot are often seen with images of water. Water is used to represent emotions. Without wind, water is rather still in most places. So water comes “after” wind. (cups after swords.) I use cups to represent months or the season of Fall. (spilled water from your cup = a fall).

Coins in Tarot are always a nice thing to see. Everyone wants to receive money right? Unfortunately we all know money doesn’t grow on trees. Money takes a lot of hard work to earn. In order to save up to buy that house or that car, it can take a year or more. That is how I see coins. They represent a year or more, or Winter because it is the LONGEST season of the year here in NY). YUCK!

I hope some of my stories can help one remember the seasons and timing in Tarot. It is how I teach my daughter Tarot. Some use astrology for timing, but that isn’t what works best for me.

An example of Timing in Tarot is :

If I draw the “Five of wands” it would = 5 days – Summer

If I draw the “Five of swords” it would = 5 weeks – Spring

If I draw the “Five of cups” it would = 5 months – Fall

If I draw the “Five of coins” it would = 5 years – Winter

Now for those interested in Timing for Lenormand :

Cards 1 – 6 are years.

Cards 7-12 are months.

Cards 13 – 26 are weeks.

Cards 27 – 36 are days.

Timing is usually done with an additional deck of cards, than what you used in the Grand Tableau. I fan cards out and let the client draw from another deck when they want to know questions in timing. I let the card they draw represent how long it will take to manifest what they are asking about.

So if one is asking, “How long before he proposes?” She draws a “1 – Rider,” I tell her “at least a year.”

I don’t claim to know everything, and I too learn new things everyday. I just wanted to share my ideas with you, especially those new to the cards. I wish you many great readings in your future.

 Love & Light,

x Bridgett


Renaissance Lenormand Deck – deadline


If anyone would like to get in on the first printing of this “Renaissance Lenormand” self published deck, please email me at : for an invoice.

The price is 25.00 USD for USA orders or 30.00 USD for over seas orders + Hawaii + Alaska + Canada. 

Deadline is June 25/2013 

Thanks, x Bridgett